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Confira a Letra Destiny



Let me tell u straight-I'm not here 2 play no game
I'm living my life-driving down the fast lane
A little more speed is all I need
There will be no flowers if I don't sow my seeds
Will I get arrested, will it affect me?
Still I see no reason for you to disrespect me
I do what I can, I try 2 be an honest man,
But I can see the future slipping thru' my hands
And I don't understand, will I ever get a chance
I'm here on my knees begging 4 another dance
But if u think I'm easy, do not tease me,
Cuz I know what I want, I don’t believe in destiny
You can call it destiny but I don't believe in "what will be will be"
The future might not be ours too see but a part of it is up to you and me!
U can call it destiny but I'll do my best u see
I won't just sit back thinking "it was meant 2 be"
I can see the end but I still wanna be your friend
Although I can feel the bad vibes that u send me
Now I picture u-what u gonna do?
I'm pretty sure you're feeling lonely 2
U drank it up when u were thirsty
& Now when I feel dry there's nothing left 4 me
But it's no sin just let it begin
If it's a battle well the strongest man will win
& I'll be there with the power of my hair
Just like samson on top of the stairs
Yes if u think I'm easy, don't u tease me
I know who I am & I don't believe in destiny
You can call it destiny.....
You wanna see the world I see you looking at the map
But you can't just sit around waiting 4 things 2 happen
If you're afraid 2 do it, afraid 2 go there
Well that's the kinda attitude that will take you nowhere
I don't wanna say that there will come a day
When everything is cool & everything will come your way
But don't take it easy, learn to know your enimy
Believe in yourself, don't believe in destiny
You can call it destiny.....