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Confira a Letra Thunderbird

Call Me No One


Last mile of a dead end drive
A supernatural smile - is keeping me alive
Fall out of a world gone blind
What keeps you up at night - is searching for high again
Scream down - let the true word fly
Got the man con man scared and running for his life
So sad - I'm the bad guy now
Let's hope that California gives us another try
To get noticed

Yeah no one ever likes the blame
Everybody tries to blame you
Everyone wants the fame
No one ever cares at all
But no one really came to see you

Scream out - let the whole world down
They never see it coming buried underground
Cheap shot with you hands held high
It must have hit close it makes you wanna die
Run now - let the take run dry
Got all the wheels turning - burning up your mind
They fade fast the jaded ones cry
Let's hope that California give us all the big goodbye
You won't notice