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Confira a Letra Destroyer



Land of thousand needles
Land of cripple and lame
So much self indulgence
And so much shit in my brain

The people under the staircase
And all the vomit in hell
Parading here on my doorstep
I just want to get well

You walk amongst us, a majesty of wrath
Chaos and cleansing, one man world war
A mind on kill mode, expressionless face
Brain like a child, fuck the human race

There in the spotlight you grin
And the slaughter of delight begins
Oceans of limelight you drink
And society fall in a blink

You are the destroyer of the world

Destroy the destroyer
I'm plagued with disease
And soon we'll all be
Praying on our knees

I am injected, with venom and your piss
My life is hatred, I spiral down the abyss
A mind on kill mode, expressionless face
Brain like a child, Fuck the human race

And there in the spotlight I grin
Let the slaughter of delight begin
Oceans and limelight I drink
And my dreamworld fall in a blink

I am the destroyer of the world