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Confira a Letra Black As Time


Black As Time

Time is short; time is endless
Time is linear but also a relative factor that
Moves rather unnoticed from point A to B
Time is a force not to be taken lightly

Because time never forgets
Time heals nothing
Time is a black hole that consumes energy
Ambition and love
Time is dangerous!
Time, quite frankly, doesn't give a shit!

And above all time is black
It is your enemy!
Time is decline and decay; time is death!

It follow you everywhere you go
Until it inexorably leaves you behind
Time counts your every step, every year, month
Week and minute; tick tock tick tock
And when the reaper breathes you in the neck
It is there; stealing the very limited precious
Shares of time that are left

Slowly and almost unnoticed; second by second
Tick tock tick tock tick tock
It continues the countdown closer to your grave
Until it finally stops

Time is black

She's the truth, o hail the queen
The universal binding seem
Life and death, every second
Kneel, thy majesty is present

Time is black!

Time is the sword of destruction
A faceless conqueror
The master of doom!

Time will lead me to my grave
It never sleep, never saves
The queen of time rules us all
Will see us rise, will see us fall

Time is black; black as the sun
Time is black; black as time

Black as time