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Confira a Letra Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo 'Pone what up?
It's Shallah, you know I came to see you, boy
Boy-boy, the Vatican
Pain, Time, Roc 4 lid-Life (Nigga)
Gorilla shit, what up?

[Chorus x2: Capone]
Chitty chitty bang bang
I'm on my grizzly for shizzy
I pop that clizzy, let your muthafuckin' brains hang
Chitty chitty bang bang
Yo, where that 50, who is he?
Actin' dizzy, nigga, watch me do my thang thang

Will I die before 50, tried to get my palms read
I'm dead through the eyes of a gypsy, bloodshed
Survivors move wise through the city
Word to mother, only a few alive off of pity
High ride, and a five palm clutched on a blinky
Other hand, pull up another dutch that I twizzy
Soaking a C.I., slow look out in the street
Few goons, singing the same tune walkers on the beat
Little niggaz that's try'nna put Jordans on they feet
O.G.'s that's try'nna get to Portland, where's it's cheap
I move with that Indian hustle in me
That fat cat, that world, that black jaded Bentley
Got bucks, but I'mma trynna get "moore" like Demi
Time's up, don't even try to duck the semi'
Only cowards deal with lust and envy, greed and hate
Chitty chitty bang bang, I blast niggaz who fake

[Chorus x2]

We hold fort, blowing holes in pussies
Come through the town and it's on
Watch me get the globe with crushed weeds
All my got it together, back the baddest bitches
All my flowing with Jags, and got the rags stitching
Play it for them niggaz in yards, the Gods come through in the nod
She's reading the Korans, the Clarksmiths
Can't tell me nothing from nothing
Touch a hair on me, and press a button
Might throw you out of a lady jumping
Yeah, we Niked up, piped up
Representing ninety generals at one time, looking striped up
Dinner plates, nothing but salmons and handlers y'all
Interstate, nothing but cameras and scanners, y'all
So when you see us, just believe us
Extraordinary young men, walk through the town, fuck all the divas
Me and 'Pone, twin gambinos, out in Rio
With them big elephant guns, and fly 'Zito's

[Chorus x2]