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Confira a Letra Black Boy


Black Boy

Ahh... the outdoors the fresh outdoors
Word up it's a beautiful day
Bout to go poli' right now that's my WORD
Aiyyo call me a cab it's the Razor Sharp kid
Dipped everyday my style is po lit'
I'm out to the Mansion I gots to catch Ghost
I'm headed to the club tonight we need toast
for that wack ass MC talkin all the shit
I know we can't wait just to get his wig split
It's war with the Gods this year, represent
The bitch-ass niggaz keep tryin to repent
But we still lickin off, we wild like two cent
Park Hill Projects, say it witcha lungs
Fuck y'all cats, we always got guns
But just in case, we get drunk and can't drive
we gotta fuck somethin up, dead or alive
y'all comin with us, we live on the other side
of the chart, where your mother met Poppa Wu...
Chorus: Tekitha
Black boyyyeee, ?in your virtue?
Black boyyeeee, no more suffering
Black boyyeeee, shine the light for we
Continue, black boy, black boy, black boy, black boy
After the tour I came back for more
Comin correctly, just like before
Wu-Tang Forever, I was just a pirate
in the rec room regulatin with Osirus
Deep thoughts, I don't take no shorts
Minds on lease like expensive imports
Elevate the seed, no lust or greed
Livin life long time may continue to breed
Never gettin caught up inside the agencies
for ten long years, but I paid my fee
Now I'm on the frontline with W.T.C.
Back me down these streets are still ill
From Brownsville all the way down in Park Hill
Pack with the beef cause niggaz won't chill
Cats smoked out like chicken on the grill
I'm takin this shit way back to Bill Bill
in the projects where my man got killed
Donna Camay, rockin witch'all all night
Used to be a little stressed now I'm gettin it right
Fresh kicks with the gold watch dipped in ice
From Shaolin, it's the vanglorious man
When the world go around these things start to happen
Wifey in the kitchen, brother still snitchin
Bloods accumulatin, we gettin impatient
Knowledge and Wisdom, teach the understandin
That's how I'm plannin, blow up like a cannon
Pull my man in, hit y'all again
Now I make sense, we do this for the rent
Build with intelligence break your defense
No hesitation, time gets spent
Some fall victim, others get bent
Some recognize, real niggaz represent
I can't never stop til my heart is content
Puttin in the work til I feel confidant
Blast out darts in the Wu basement
Chorus 2X
[Kung-Fu movie sample]
Don't you know the underworld?
There's no friendship party here
No meeting
You can come, but you can't leave
Move! Let no one live..
*sounds of fighting*