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Confira a Letra Love is the Message


Love is the Message

feat. Raekwon the Chef

Remind me Tuesday I gotta go handle my business
Know what I'm saying?
Straight up
(Love is love)
Yo, don't play with them shits up in here
Them shits is dangerous

Verse 1: Raekwon
Hey yo
Hey yo
Hits Sally
Timbaland grand finale
Damn imagine bringing back Alam skin bally's
Glass of this
Leather dick down status
That's crabbage
Can't see the real so you average
Drip cammo
Who carry Van Damme ammo
Nike Airs Uptown put the Benz van yo
Chilling with niggas who real
Who respect real
Big us get your wig touched crib rushed
Record and command
Slam jams for my mans
Puff trees
Tuck these rugers in your lands
Bent out of shape mend it
Represent Spin been through it god
Hold the Mac splendid
Time Balotti rap version of the black Gotti
Rob me God'll act ungodly
What never been done before
It's real son you gum it out
Run it in the gun store

Verse 2: Cappadonna
Everyday all day
Fat like Bob Rockaway
Dipped in the latest spot me right away
Wu Tang executive new Donna Jay
Darts in your area that's how I play
Nobody else shouldn't really have a say
When it come down to this Shaolin, USA
Represent fully give me your air space
Razor Sharp label keep coming out the face
Make room as I step up to the plate
RZA create sounds of earthquakes
Make no mistake kid y'all just faking
Cross-over cats that love to eat bacon
WTC rush like Regan
Crush your little song while you on your knees begging

Interlude: Raekwon
Who? That nigga right there?
Son he trust me watch this shit right here