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Confira a Letra Save the Children


Save the Children

[Intro: Cappadonna]
Whateva, whateva man
I'm here to represent G-O-D to the fullest
I got a message man, and the message is straighten up
Or get eatin up

All mighty God is with us (2X)

[Chorus 2X: Cappadonna ]
Save the children, these streets is like a villain
Life is like a chop shop inside of the buildin
Save the children, these streets is like a villain
Save the children, let the blood stop spillin

Roses are red, violets are blue, this life is about me and you
Not the red, white and the untrue, together we stand
Divided we stand tall, final call, God save us all from the gates of Hell
Where my young family dwell, it was a tall well
While we still suffer, days are gettin tougher
Jake on the prowl, treatin people on the street foul
Some of them mean well, but they all live behind the shell
Kick my door down, without ringin my bell
Claim I'm sellin crack, but I ain't doin that
All I do is rap, I'm a real MC, trynna get my life back
Devils'll make it difficult, there it glow within the cult
Can't wait to cut my throat, cuz of how I speak
Too black for Hot 97, last year they put me on hold
But I still went gold, where the joy go?
What happened to the Black Boy video?
Bring Run back, y'all scared of Cap
Sleepwalkers can't roll wit the blacks

[Chorus 1.5X]

See the man dem him, he went from nice to true drunko
Now me speak the truth and a man just a den dead
Wit the children, when I told you I be on the outside
I can't trust with him, not pity on the outside
I'm hung it with him, tell him that I carry
Tell dem save the children
You sold your bread, I so