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Confira a Letra Keepin' Up De Fences


Keepin' Up De Fences

Standing in the hall waiting for a call, trying to keep a smile on my face
Fell out of a dream that nearly had me screaming at night all over the place
And I was calling everywhere, but I can get no answer
There isn't anybody here, there's no answer

Then out in the night, try to get back, couldn't get it out of my head
Everywhere it seemed, I was followed by a dream, a voice that was clearly said
"You won't escape from me tonight, you know I've got your number
You are the next in line my friend, what's your number ?"

Gotta find a way to fight back
Gotta keep a line of decencies
Gotta keep up my defences

Gotta be a song, a face by the dawn, it seemed to be calling me
--------- said that he would show me a way that I could shake a tree
Didn't have a voice, didn't have a choice, and my head felt like dynamite
Anyone but now it felt like a blow to one thousand pieces in the night
Oh, gotta help me now, I need find the answer
There isn't anybody here, there's no answer

Oh, gotta help me now
Keep a line of decencies
If you will only keep up de fences