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Now that it's done
I can see we've got it all back together
Signs in your eyes, in my smile
Show it all, show it all
Sometimes it all seemed much better
Nobody ever to guide you
Always so easy just wanting to please with your eyes

Travelling unknown, singing songs
Doing all with whatever
We'll be right, we'll be wrong
But we'll do it all, do it all
Don't know what lay down beside me
Slowly taking me over
Changing my mind without reason or rhyme from that goal

Oh, I'd work it out slowly
Oh, I'd take it as it comes
Oh, I'd talk it all over
Oh, shove it back where it comes

In my mind, I can find
All I need for whatever
And as such, don't need much
To get me by, get me by
A smile, a laugh can be better
A million or two just in case
I don't feel at ease and there's something it'd please me to find

Oh, I'm working it slowly
Oh, I'll take it as it comes
Oh, I'll spread it all over
Oh, shove it back where it comes

Have you been done
Are you one or don't you know altogether?
Don't you think it all stinks
Or do you know not at all?
Don't wait for someone to guide you
Maybe it won't seem much better
Take what you can, there's time in your hands passing by