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Confira a Letra Midday Moon


Midday Moon

Dismissive feeling surrounds
He feels the gaining force
Flying with wings of change
The future is so strange
Nothing that he can do

He sees the photograph
Photo of early days
Rising magic touch
Begging; Come with us
Now he feels no fear

He´s diving through
And memories seem to be going insane
Strange take hold of his will and finally he gives up

To the past once again we fly
And the only limit is the sky
Rising sun dissipate
Midday moon will rise
Once again to the sky
And it´s gaining the ground and cry
But it´s soon, deadlight mood
Midday moon

He takes the another shot
He wants to fly again
The midday moon is rising soon
And leaving the sun behind

He´s hooked on living
Hard living on the edge
Caring not for his health
The moon is only light