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Confira a Letra Etyde Light


Etyde Light

I found myself again striving beetween night and day
May be I´ll let myself drift with the wind
I don´t know where she came, In her name I´ll find it out
She holds the hagard bloom in her hair

He thought he saw the sun shine
but what he saw was the moon light
Didn´t know the order in line
Light was too bright

He thought he saw the sun shine
but what he saw was the moon light
Too much brighter,
there´s no dimmer for the light

You pray for the light,
you pray for the moon and
you don´t even see that dispute
You´re holding the key
you´re holding your mind
but you can´t say
if you don´t dare to try

I saw it in your eyes, there was something in your mind
May be I´ll give it up, may be