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Confira a Letra Tilting The Scales


Tilting The Scales

I used to be a funny kite
I used to make the glow
Inside the belly of the cloud
The skyline ablaze
Framed by the dots of the stars I set alight

From your point of view
I would be upside down
A puppet on a string
I would fly free and you would lead
It's just what we need
The tension between us is just what makes this work

Shot down
Head first
This is all I'm falling through the air

A careless word to tip the scales
One word is just about enough

It was the mutuality
The closeness and the distance
Was the consistency of things
You held me down
And on the other hand i did hold you up

It was a surprise
The balance and the harmony
So easily destroyed
One word is just about enough
To tilt the scales (to tilt the scales)
To mess it up
I saw it coming and I could not do a thing

Shot down
Head first
This is all I'm falling through the air

Tumbling trough the air