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Confira a Letra Think Awhile

Cary Brothers

Think Awhile

I'm tired of hearin everything you say
It's rolling off your tongue across my face
It seems the time to leave
It seems we tried

What's the use in talking?
I think I'm gonna go for a walk and think awhile
And think awhile

You know my love is real it's not your game
An honest feather tickling at your fate
I told you I would leave
I even cried

Did you think that I was joking?
I think I'm gonna go for a smoke and think awhile
And think awhile

Don't raise your voice to me
Cause you know you lost that right a long tim ago

If I could make you believe
And trust me
What's the use in trusting
I think I'm gonna catch the last bus and think awhile
and think awhile