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Confira a Letra Piano

I was fragile, I was nervous
I was flawed and you were perfect
I was timid, you were fearless
I was in it, you could feel it

You were music, I was listenin’
Not a beat that you were missin’
I got so caught up in the way you sound

You played me like a piano
You made it sound pretty stringin’ me along
I fell for every note

Guess I didn't know it was a heart break song
I'm not a stupid girl, I should have known
I let you play me like a piano, oh
You played me like a piano

It would feel good for a minute
Just to scream but you won't hear it
And truth is this is my fault

All the big things started out small
All the sudden, I had two hearts
One was so blind, one was too smart
And the weakest part of me wouldn't let go, oh

Thank you and I guess I'll thank myself
Smart girls don't let this kinda thing happen twice
I'll never let anyone else
Play me like a piano

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