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Confira a Letra Skipping Stepping Stones


Skipping Stepping Stones

Oh, I put a penny on a railroad track
Can't take it back
Who'd wanna take it back
But these kids
Keep on wishing for a different town
Or a different time
Anything but here
Anything but now

Tall grass and winding roads
That's where the story grows
I'm skipping over my stepping stones
Dead leaves and dried up goals
Pass with the wind that blows
I'm skipping over my stepping stones

No, I ain't trying to get a thing for free
Like too much cake
At someone else's birthday
But in between waking up and going back to sleep
There is no rhyme
Just trying to buy more free time

Well the beggars can't be choosers
Till they pay their debts
That's why I'm doing what I do
I'll take what I can get

(Repeat Chorus)

You travelled out to sea
With a heart so wild and free
But your biting on the hooks
Of the doubters dirty looks
Always in transition
Endless intermission
A trap, a lie, just to occupy your time

(Repeat Chorus)

I am here and you are here
We are now
and we are happening