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Confira a Letra Growing a Garden


Growing a Garden

It's been a long winter, never letting up
The two of us should stay inside
The clouds were thick, our heart was shriveled up
We even fought a change in tide

So I know you're freezing
Just breathe aloud the friction

Why stall this? We just need some sun
We're making progress and walking on the grass
Yeah, walking on the grass
So, let the rain fall, let it come on in
We're growing us a garden

My roots go deep, they're up under the street
But on the surface darkness grows
The night is cold, you're checking for your pulse
You feel it underneath your clothes

And so I know you're freezing
You've gotta breathe aloud the friction


Can't you see? It's getting beautiful


Just let the rain on in
We're growing us a garden