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Confira a Letra One Idea At The Break Of New Dawn

Casus Belli

One Idea At The Break Of New Dawn

Not a dogma, but knowledge and feeling
Mark the road to Perfection
So, go and tread this path to glory

Two ideas - and yet one
Two names - yet of one thing
This is the way to Unity
This is the way of Warriors

Reject dualism - accept creativity
Reject superstition - accept both sides of the coin
You will thus serve the idea of the One
The One who is the Almighty Nature
And its light and darkness

The Divine Nature, the Elements
Ancient, yet still living Gods
These make the idea of Unity - the idea of power
The idea of the One of many faces
Many archetypes melting into One

If you are strong, you will prevail
Carrying the idea of the One
Who is the Gods of our Ancestors

Emblem of the Sun and emblems of the Night
Will merge into One
At the Break of New Dawn