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Confira a Letra Gumshield

Cats Are Aliens


Snakebite, strike out, how about...
Lovebite, suck the poison out
Wish you'd dare to drop your mask
Know that's just too much to ask

Pulled the rug out beneath my feet
Pointless for me to compete
Flying V and Marshall amp
Wailing from the Ego Ramp

Parading everything, I'd rather hide
Missy kicking, screaming stillborn child
I take a moment, this may take a while
And still you distract me
I give a gumshield smile

Not as bad as people think
I hide my shame beneath the sink
I tell myself it's not my friend
Then find I've filled it up again

Inhaling aerosols and pesticides
Mercy-killing bringing sunny skies
They'll slap a ban on all that we've enjoyed
They're only here to tell you
To tell you what to avoid

They're only here to tell you what to avoid...

It's going wrong and I don't care
There's nothing wrong and nothing there
Aerosols and pesticides
Killing bringing sunny skies.