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Confira a Letra Haitmale

Cats Are Aliens


On and on the press depress
The hate-mail spreads itself
They coil the wire upon the fence
They hit below the belt

Token Black and token Jew
Tokin' crack and singin' blues
The secret to equality:
Find a common enemy.

I'm told it's an historic day
And yet I seem to feel the same
The Thought Police do not approve
So come on, whatcha gonna do?

Seize me for these crimes?
For these crimes, I've done my time
And I will not comply
(I'm supposed to see five, and I do:
Four fingers and one pulled tooth)

On and on we lap it up
And we're hungry yet
If I complain of stomach pain
Drag me to the vet

Hunt the witch from A to B
The Wicked Witch of the Middle-East
Pass it down from Pa to Son
Now prove who's got the bigger gun

I'm told it's an historic day
And yet I seem to feel the same
Don't commit your Thought Crimes here

Out of nothing, divine something
And you're laid out so I dive in
Getting something, define 'something'
Put a face on, find a way in
Pull a seat up, put your feet up
Two more litres, catch your sleep up
Undervalue all I value
But I love you
God I do
For crying out loud
For crying out loud.