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Confira a Letra Jeu

This is anywhere
How the hell we get to here
With a passing thought for anyone
Who is anyone?
Who can say?
With a passing thought for time
And a need to slay the serpents
The serpents
In your name
In your name

This is Everyman
And he's glad to shake your hand
And he'd like to sit you down here
On the ground here
And pick your brain
Like a monkey picking fleas
But the moment that you trust him
You'll combust in age-old flames
Ancient flames

Jeu ave... (Huh?)
What the hell you going to solve by attacking the snake?
When it's time to up and leave
Guess we're heading for space
But we began by sprouting legs

This is anywhere
But we're bound to get from here
Just a passing thought for anyone who is anyone
Who can play
And a passing of the time
Brings a way to bend the serpents to your purpose
In your name
In your name

What the hell you trying to prove by attacking the snake?
'Cause it's time to up and leave
And we're heading for space
Whether running on the wheel or winning the race
We began by sprouting legs.