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Confira a Letra Square Peg, Hound Hole

Cats Are Aliens

Square Peg, Hound Hole

Willing "won't" to go
Will or won't he grow?
Chew upon a brick and rinse with soap
Don't forget to floss
Keep your fingers crossed
Drilling out the fillings to the old black gold
And true to the wizard's word
A flock of oilbirds are floating in the wreck of memory

I need a little help to help you baby
There's not enough love to love you baby
But I've got enough love to blow a hole in mine
I've got enough heart to posture bravely
But not enough drive to fill my cravings
With anything else but smoke-and-mirror mimes

But I've set my date now I must wait
Leap of faith
Hold me as I clean my slate

Willing there's a way as I lie in state
Testament to those who jumped the gate
Then went on to jump the moon
How I hope to be there soon
To make that giant leap for all my kind
Gravity is cruel and I'm powerless in its pull
But even tides can turn almighty

There's not enough love to help you baby
I need a little help to love you baby
You need a little heart to blow a hole in mine
I never even said I'd be there baby
I never ever meant to need you baby
I need a little help to get me back my glide

You'd think that I had leprosy
The way they're all avoiding me
It's time to blow the dust away
It's time for kicking off the sheet
And baby here's a special treat
I'll shine at you so bright you'll need
A screen to filter out UV
Before you dare to look at me
We've planted all the magic beans
And now we have to climb this tree
I'll kiss you on your wounded knee
But first I'd better wipe it clean
My slate is wrapped in demon weeds
But now I get to wipe it