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Confira a Letra Hot Like Dat


Hot Like Dat

Verse 1

His boys think he's silly
but he don't mind
they say he must be crazy
to treat me so fine
See when I bring it to him
him bawl rewind
cuz when i drop it
Its like one more time
Now he's my suga daddy
Cuz of my oh oh
Addicted to my giggy
Cuz I'm a real pro
If him a P Diddy
well me a J Lo
And so my baby defends my cash flow


A just di sitten whe you have a make u man a come back WOYYYYYYYYY
Gal caz u hot like dat
A just di sitten u possess a mek him send u go a bank WOYYYYYYYYY
Gal caz u hot like dat PRAM PRAM
You man a keep u clean and fresh PRAM PRAM
Put u ina hot Gucci dress PRAM PRAM
And di chain with the diamond baguette PRAM PRAM
Cuz u have up the him can't forget

Verse 2

Show off and floss
Press out the Porshe
You man a buy it give you
No matter what it cost
You book stamp up
the amount a time u depart
Cuz you complete you task
and u master u art
Right from there start
Him swear pan di cross
Say no matter what dem say
Dem can't tear u apart
Plus him done have u off
As di bedroom boss
And him have u up de ina di a 1 class


Verse 1