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Confira a Letra I'm Waiting


I'm Waiting

Ooooh, ooooh ,ooooh(4x)

Im waiting, on my Baby
He maybe gawn from my side for awhile
But Im not cheating
Nuuhh nuuh nuuh nuh nuh
Im waiting on my baby
Nuh matta weh dem try
nuh other guy can give me no bettah loving (lovin, lovin, lovin)

Verse 1:
He's given me happiness (yes)
Treats me like a princess (yes)
So mi couldnt give him no less (yes)
Then di good better in the best (yes)
Sometimes me put him to the test (yes)
So mi nuh end up inna no mess (yes))
When hes with mi him nuh see the rest (yes)
Da man ya deserve mi respect (yes)
Thats why am


Verse 2:
Yeah, Even when hes gawn for too long (too long)
Cecile still naw dis di program (no)
And when mi body want some attention
for reminisce on his kiss gimme satisfaction
So me nuh want no miss ah mention (miss ah mention)
Cause I could never hurt ah good man (good man)
They dont dig my situation
Nuh explain cause dem naw understand
Its because am


Sti dat da dat
So Jah no me naw do it (awww)
Pan mi man mi naw cheat (no way)
Because him done ah gimme sweet (wowah)
Ah triple up my heart beat (ti di ti di ti dit)
So nuh matter weh him gawn (baby!)
Yo mi still ah hold on (gotta hold on tight)
So nuh matter how dem bawl and ah plea
Dem naw beg mi ah go wait till him come inna my arms
All di time

Chorus 2x