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Confira a Letra Woman Ting


Woman Ting


Let me tell u something
Low woman things, low woman things let me tell u something

We cant hot again cause a di man dem
Dema a buy off we blouse and we pants dem
Them thief we pink colour my God then
Dem nu soon start want wear wi thong then


Verse 1
My youth why u pants fi tighter Than Mine
And why u pants no de a you waistline?
Hipsters a fi gyal dem design
Me and u nuffi ina di same kind
Go GO WEST cant find no gyal clothes
Whe dem gone only God he knows
U want know read Xnews page four
A group a man a buy dem off fi go a dancehall go pose


Verse 2
Ganster youth u nuffi look like sally
And u nuffi pretty pretty and favour dolly
U fi be Ken u nuffi be di Barbie
From u look feminine boy you cant chat to me
Man all a make mistake call u shorty
Cause di style a u clothes make u favour Shari
Stop bu di gyal dem clothes nu Marky
And gi u hipsters dem to u sister Sani


Verse 3
Lollypop and tight pants a fi di gyal dem
Pink clothes, bore u nose boy u wrong den
A shave u eyebrow like Sharon dem
And nu see say something wrong boy u condemn
Left di wining to Keiva and Michelle dem
And di crawl up pan di box to stacy dem
And di bruk out bruck out to Junkoo dem
Who nu like when mi talk try to something then