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Confira a Letra Deep Within

Celestial Crown

Deep Within

My broken heart is bleeding
For your silver tears
I won't forget
As we kissed and our love had to be drowned
Deep within my heart there is a place
That keeps a scar my love remains
I saw a girl the beauty one
I felt in love with the evil one
Her kiss was dark and hair black
She kissed me deep left in my heart mark
Was her command
"To share my love you have to be my part!!!
For this you have to all things forget that were before
Now No Regret!!!"
I will!
Now I'm standing here all alone
You can hear my cries in this lonesome song
As I turn my eyes slow
Just a thought comes in my mind
How long will I fall?
It was the coldest night filled with fear and suffering
No soul was near - just the howling wind calling me to go inside
Of this beckoning darkness
Touch me again and you will see what the deepest wound's bleeding in me
How deep a scar that in my heart
How could we let them to make us apart
Now I descend deep under the veil of this beckoning darkness
I invoke and pray to all Creatures of Hate
I release them all to be together
As the one we stay - Light is far away
All you need is a prayer
You're crying on your knees
You try to save your soul full of vain
Your Heaven asking me for mercy

[11.June 2001]