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Confira a Letra Farewell After All

Celestial Sorrow

Farewell After All

You are always in my heart
I could never let you to go without a tear
It's hard to say I can't get you

I haven't ever understood you
so completely that I could be there just for you
I had to guess your feelings all the time

My heart is weeping
My soul is deep in your heart

I can't take a break in hunting of your soul
It has to be somewhere high above
It's you who can break my soul
I've already drew contours

I am flying above the clouds
I can dive thru the light of the lies

I am going down with sadness
you are crying in your weakness
I won't ever stop looking for you
You know I say it has to be true

You go here and try to take control
you haven't yet broken my soul
It is still harder than your heart
you should go suffer in pain! ya!

Your heart is weeping
You had to realize you were wrong
not until now you can concede
you are coming to stay by my side

Gtr solo: Mikko

we are going up with loudness
you are recovering from your heartlessness
I won't ever stop loving you
It may be hard to say but it's true

I am so lucky I got you to live in truth
your mind was falling down to trough
so I had to fight against your mind
Now everything is out of the lies

Out of the lies