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Confira a Letra Dependency



mortal sin absolution
submition communicates
aggression kingdom establishment
coalition interacting
intelligent wicked predator
conceivable love mercenary
unbearable mood radiation
unstoppable painful corrosion
fury without control
image retroaction
dominion retroaction
submissive bastard

punisher disincarnator
unawareness of wrongful pain
starting bloodless insulting deposition
slipping away from this slaughter house
to the infraworld in outbreak rage
revolving future mechanization
undervalue life in devastion
disfigured substance intense affliction


come look for
feel my love
that lightens and brightens our passion

to see to touch
meet my skin
as I find the pain within

give sufferage
count the pleasure
for my absence you will miss

know abuse
think of me
as you dream for absolution