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Confira a Letra Human Racing


Human Racing

Endless roads on scattered ground, long way to go
Racing against ourselves on our journey for tomorrow
Nine to five life, breed on money, save your sorrow
Nothing goes, what is your fear, in this final venture

Watching behaviour
Understanding missery
Another time, another place, a sacrifice
Facing your failure
Fascination for this world
Another game, another loss, antagonize
Holding existence
Giving up, identity
Another world, another stage, initialize.

Alone we came, alone we go, certain destiny to come
Finish line, another landmark, for another start.
Rebuild your goals, now think again, what is in your heart
Have in mind you are not the owner of your time.

Take a chance to have a life
Your reward will get on time.
Take a chance to build your insides.
Memories are what you get.