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Confira a Letra Bloodstreets



Powdery streets of these means towns
where evil rules and death is princess
Drunkards sleep there beggars live here
dogs and rats stale near our children

Oh, no! I'm dead beat
I can't see it anymore
I can't permit it

Drug and surplus crimes and silence
toxic warderers n'warps of shepherds
Beastly beadles extended racket
falsehood treasures of fading religion

Oh, no! I'm dead beat
I can't see it anymore
I can't permit it

Keep the faith friends of mine
I can tell you no lies
Will come a dashing future
where our children can play
Raise your arms friends of mine
follow me in this fight
Will return the empire
leave these bloodstreets behind

Flashy halfbreds vile diviners
unhealthy hair huge disaster
Deadly outlaws putrid anarchy
infected bitches n'seedy gypsies