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Confira a Letra Still In Mind

Cerebral Fix

Still In Mind

Chains to my soul
And hatred pierces my heart as well
Reaching up towards the sky
Wishing that I could fly
Can you see the fire - splintered wings
Do you know the fear - splintered wings
Can you see the tears - splintered wings
Do you know the freedom - splintered wings
Fear to be free
And your heart stops and tries to weep
Break the bonds
Stretch out your arms
Fly to be free
Shackles bring me down
Down to the ground
Monolithic thunder
Crushes me down
Bonds pulling tighter
Ripping me in two
Voices cry out louder
Laughter snaps me in two
Bonds bring me down
As I try to hold my ground
I realize now I have to fly
Before I burn and die