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Confira a Letra Fall into me

Chad Doucette

Fall into me

Down by the fireplace
My fingers outline your face.
Forget the world tonight,
I'm taking my time with you.

We come together as we fall
Like two shadows on the wall.
I slip away into your eyes,
Something I could get used to.

(Pre chorus1)
So why am I nervous,
Why am I scared,
When we could stay forever here.

So let the games begin,
You can deal me in.
Nice to say
I'm finally
Falling in love again.
All I need to know
Is that you will never fold.
Nice to say
I'm finally falling in love....
(2nd and 3rd time only...Fall into

Words flow through the night
As the break of dawn passes by.
So tired but I won't sleep,
I cant take my eyes off of you.
In the blankets we unfold
Like the secrets that we told.
I know the morning's getting old
But I just can't seem to move.

(Pre chorus2)
I'm not that nervous,
I'm not that scared,
I want to spend forever here.