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Confira a Letra 25

I think I need a new light
You just might be what I been looking for
I'm not usually like this
I'm not usually like this

What does it take to be a second chance
I didn't think that 25 would feel quite like this
What's it gonna take to be something better than
This can't be as good as it gets
I'm young and lonely in a city full of someones
Everybody I know has somewhere better to be
Than me, than me than me

Being brave ain't as fun as you think
It took a while for me to finally start to believe
Yeah, out of all the things I've done and seen
I didn't know that you were gonna be such a good thing

I met you in such a strange way
It's funny how things work out these days
I'm not usually like this
I'm not usually like this

What does it take to get a good glance
I didn't think that giving up would feel quite like this
What a drag it is to be a lonely american man
Looking for that fast love
Need a woman with a body that I can touch
Now here, I'm better now, and that's just who I was
I didn't care about anything, didn't care about love
Then you came along with your love sway
I didn't know that falling could feel this way
Please tell me how to keep you
And don't worry, I'm a little bit broken, too