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Confira a Letra Oh Yeah

Chad Sugg

Oh Yeah

Don't trust love
It's all a lie
Find it in the day
Lose it at night

Oh yeah love
It's a terrible
Thing that I can't find
When I need it most

Oh yeah, love
Love, I don't need you anymore

Oh yeah, love
It's a bitch, you see
I was doing fine before
But now I can't sleep

Don't trust love
No, not for anything
It's horrible, it's terrible,
It's everything we need

Oh yeah, love
Love, I don't need you anymore

Oh yeah, I
Forgot the important part
Don't listen to me
When it comes to matters of the heart
'Cause you know I
I'm just a bitter man
Waiting on the corner
With his heart inside his hand
Singing please
Pick me