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Confira a Letra Coast Of Normandy

Chaosphere (Polonia)

Coast Of Normandy

Grbbing gun and taking aim
Bloodshot eyes searching for a prey
See them there, tryin' to hide
Pathetick ones, don't wanna fight
Take the aim and pull the trigger
Dealing death with my finger
Neverending bullet-rain
Is constantly dealing pain
Grab your gun and fight 'till death
Victim dies with every breath
Battlefield hysteria
Kind of necrophilia

See them tryin' to take cover
>From this neverending shower
See their bodies torn apart
Feel the pleasure in my heart

With my MG-42
I will never let them through
There's blood instead of water
Untold thousands I will slaughter
I will never let them pass
This uncountable mass
Graveyard it shall be
Coast o Normandy