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Confira a Letra Welcome To The World

Chaosphere (Polonia)

Welcome To The World

Don't try to save yourself
You're a son of seven sins
Breaking all the ten commandments
It's the human being

Traveling through the sickness of mankind
Watching horrors we always hide
We left our brothers falling to die
Burning ambition, a black sunrise

The truth is like a knife
Ripping on your flesh
If someone could see
What it's in your minds

A saint a sinner
Politicians demons
Criminals are heroes
Money buys everything is this world

Babies want to comeback to the womb
Before their first crying
Hungry wolves around the cradle
Welcome to the world
How can you still believe?
Peace may be interesting for you
But money is much more
(don't you think?)
Kill a revolution is cheap

War, war everyday
Hunger in everywhere
It's a 'beautiful place'
Poverty growing day by day
Violence seems the only way to survive

If you had a chance
To getaway form here
Would you go away?
Or would you stay here?

Welcome to the world
You'll see the nature of human being
Welcome to the world
The world of sin