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Confira a Letra The Legion Of The Last Braves

Chaosphere (Polonia)

The Legion Of The Last Braves

Across the earth we ride
Everyday and night
Through the ages we roam
We never fall asleep
When you create courage
To stand up and fight
You won't be alone
We'll march at your side

We heard your prayer
Your suffocated words
Screaming for help

You were desperate
Alone and afraid
Nothing to be done,
All was wrong
God was so distant
But we are not

March, march
With us, with us
Against the tyrants
Feel our presence
Fell our power
Feeling fear
You are just slaves
But feeling courage
You're a part of the legion of the last braves

Last braves

Time moves fast
Evolution is slow
We're almost the same
Playing the same games
The fear still works
Stopping the mass
But the hate still inside
Remember: we're at your side

If you believe
You haven't to crawl
Obeying the minority
You could change
Take your freedom
Get your respect
Don't be what's left
Reinvent the game

Repeat chorus

Since the ancient times
The tyrany keep us working distracted by fear
Our names won't be remembered
As the monuments that we have built for them

Repeat chorus