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Confira a Letra Sound Of Goodbye

Charlton Hill

Sound Of Goodbye

I never thought the sun would shine again
and lonely clouds would settle in
but all the fools have gone
for they were wrong about
what the summer shower brings.

Glassy eyes and flowers on the floor,
a waiting cab and memories
to give a little more.
Our words are unresolved,
they're trapped in the folds
of a book about the art of closing doors.

And I know that you might find me a little bit peculiar
but I'm the one who's supposed to be bringing back the cure .

So won't you just

Open your eyes and see
I'm falling around you
just when I seemed to be floating in velvet skies
I'm hearing the sound of goodbye

My diary pages look so white and bare ,
a passing glance could make you think
that I don't even care.
You couldn't be more wrong,
I've searched for so long
for you and me and what we had before.

And there's times late at night
when the ghost of you comes calling
and though I try to hold you tight
you always slip through by the morning.

Who's to say you won't be back again,
until that day I'll keep falling.....