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Confira a Letra Touch

I hear the words, people say
Now does it really matter
They say that love, is a game
That never can be mastered

But I believe
When it comes to you and me
Our unity
Is only getting stronger, if we...

Chorus :
Touch touch move a little closer
Hush hush don't say another word
Just come come together they can't stop us
If we build a love around us

Let's take a walk, through this maze
Our hearts are in the center
So take my hand, don't be afraid
'Cause were fine if were together

'Cause I believe
In time your eyes will see
Our unity
Is only getting stronger, if we...


No matter what it takes
Or how long I wait
Were ment to be together
So love will find a way

If we...
Touch touch
Hush hush


Hush, hush, move a little closer