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Confira a Letra The Kids That Never Gave Up

Chase This City

The Kids That Never Gave Up

I'm afraid that nine to five's just not for me.
It's not the path I was meant to take.
What are they trying to accomplish anyway?
I'm sorry. I guess I'm just not used to settling,
Or giving in that easy.
And when I'm singing to you from my grave
I'm hoping the history books will say,
"Here stood the kids that never gave up.
Life wasn't what they thought it was,
So instead they pulled out all the stops."
So here's my advice.
Make sure you never stray from those dreams inside.
If it keeps you sane, it's worth the fight.
I'd rather live my life, than let it pass me by.
Rest yourself behind a desk, you're only wasting your time.
There's just one thing you're missing.
This world's ours for the taking.
There's just one thing you're missing.
This world is ours. For the past two years,
I've done everything I could've done to bring us here.
I've made what some may call sacrifices,
But I swear it's nothing compared to what this progress yields.