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Confira a Letra Tuxedo Lazertag

Chase This City

Tuxedo Lazertag

Writing verses from the road
Something always feels like home
I'll scrawl you down on the blue line
You're the part of me that's locked tightly inside
It's the only thing that feels right

When you look at me, I hope you see
Someone who's always got your back
We built up an army, our friends became family
I'll stand by your side, time and time again

I've got everything I need
We reach for the stars
When we look to the sky, that's all we see
Keep telling yourself you're on top
Keep telling yourself you're on top
And within due time we'll be unstoppable

Give me a reason to fight, and we'll take it
Show me the walls that confine, and we'll break them
Give us the means to succeed, and we'll make it
We're moving up, start moving out of the way