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Confira a Letra Shake Your Lovemaker

Cherry Poppin' Daddies

Shake Your Lovemaker

Hold dee door for ol' hi dee ho
Step to da rhthym on da ballroom floor
Tip down your glasses and give em a wink
To all the flappers and the mob and Hollywood rat finks
Strut your stuff get loaded and jive
Tip tap your toes and do the Fred Astaire slide
Savor the flavor all the kittens purr
"Just shake shake shake shake shake your little

shake shake shake
shake your lovemaker

Da blond bombshell destroym' men
Her blue eyes are smokey like an opium den
First she giggles and blows you a kiss
Then she'll whisper sweet nothings like a serpent's hiss
Broadway rhythm top hat and cane
Poppin' eyes and flashin' feet
Forget the 9 to 5 swastika
Just shake shake shake shake shake your little lovemaker

shake shake shake
shake your lovemaker