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Confira a Letra Secret Story

Chris Porro

Secret Story

I've got a secret story
and nobody else can tell it
monsters may leap out roaring
Like pop up books when you're little

I've got a secret story
And nobody else can tell it
everyone likes a story
With angels and alcoholics

Give me summertime when I'm king and the schools bow down
Give me white trash friends, give me bb guns and small towns
Give me lightning bugs like a chorus to sting the dark

I've got a secret story
in winter we're all wearing moon boots
we tracked up the school in a slush parade
as we walked into catholic home room

I've got a secret story
That 's told in between smiling poses
And arms around arms of everyone
That's found in the family album.

I've got a secret story
All the railroads were gone way before me
A dot on the map means somewhere
Can you figure it out all by yourself?