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Confira a Letra Never Again (Feat. Lil Dreamer)


Never Again (Feat. Lil Dreamer)

Chrissi's Lyrics:
I'm looking at you and it's obvious the guy i knew has changed
the consequences mean you and i will never ever be the same
i've cleared my mind & i'm sick and tired of you and your childish games
and so i've gained the courage and i've finally walked away
everything we've been through is just simply a memory
sometimes i wonder why did you even lied to try to me
wish you never changed, coz i remember when, you said i was your 'one and only'
it's a shame itself, because you gave me help and i have been set free

you should know
that when i let you go
i let go of all the pain
and that cloud of rain is gone
baby i'm done
it really doesn't drive me insane
there's no one to blame, no one to blame
but you, and you made me strong
coz you were wrong, you were so wrong, you were so wrong
never again.

Lil Dreamer's Lyrics:
I didn't know you wanted me to hold you tight
Talking every single night, always staying by your side
I was always there for you
Through the good times and the bad
And I thought that what we had was uh
We would barely ever fight
Never went to sleep at night
Mad or angry at each other
Cause I thought that things were fine
Now I know that I was wrong
To let you walk out my life
But its too late now cause you've already said bye bye
Failed to see all the little things you tried do
Trying to keep us strong
Trying to keep our love true
Pissed I didn't see sooner how much you loved me girl
Everything I did back then was only for me and myself
Seems like things are never only just about you you dam!
Give me one wish god
I promise you I'll make it count
She's got a new man but I still dont give a crap
The only thing I know right now is that I want baby back