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Confira a Letra My Own Worst Enemy

Civil War

My Own Worst Enemy

The wings of the raven
Set sail for your haven
The fury of mine is always clear
Bout fear, you've felt it all your life
For me there's a reason
To kill for the treason
A conflict increasing in my mind
So why am I the one to blame
I'm a brick in this game

Freedom fighter, heathen lighter
Tell me how I am
You know, I'm own worst enemy
Freedom fighter you enlighten
Shadow of the sun
I'll be marching for the savior
I'm my own worst enemy
I'm my own worst enemy

The crimes of a father
The sins of a mother
Are you one of those
Who never cares
About love cause you've seen
It all your life
You know that I've never
Has been taken for clever
Guess I am a pagan for the run
I know that life is not the same
You're controlling the game