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Confira a Letra War Of The World

Civil War

War Of The World

Illogical insanity; society will rust
Break down of the human race
Common sense is lost
Heaven now has turned to hell
There is not a God
The pain is on the street tonight
It's time to join the ultimate fight

Be prepared for the final call
Stay calm be superior
This place is a story to be told
So come on to the other side
You're in for a twisted ride
Your words are mine
As we're fighting the war of the world

The war of the world
Condition now it's critical
So give it mouth to mouth
Don't wait for the atomic blast
Just pay just what it costs
The war is on the streets tonight
Beware of the nuclear delight

When I'm gone and sent to my grave
A part of me will stay alive
But what's left to save?
This is the battle of the world
It's time to get it right;we'll set it to burn

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