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Confira a Letra When Shandon Calls

C.J. Dennis

When Shandon Calls

Awake, awake, when Shandon rings into the crisp Australian air
Be glad or grave the tale it brings, we shall be there, we must be there.
When duty calls, when pleasure waits, the tongue of Shandon, day by day,
Peals out the message of the fates that guide the dear old A.C.K

A.C.K strive for it's high renown,
A.C.K never let it down.
A.C.K honour to it come what may,
It shall never be our aim to battle for the fame
And the glory of the A.C.K

For friends, for friends, Old Shandon's peal cements a friendship well begun;
And thro' the years, for woe or weal, it's note shall guide us everyone.
When afar our footsteps roam, ?mid strangers on a distant day,
Dear mem'ries of our home from home shall bind us still to A.C.K