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Confira a Letra Marble-Enchanted



Without love, the soul will sleep
The sleep of sleeps, I feel it coming
I'm becoming stone against her song
The black rose is weaving black notes
I took it into my hands
She caught me into her net
This princess never wakes

Longing for a cold breeze, another storm
Longing for someone to find this castle's door
Hoping that someone will come and bring me back
The statue must still be warm

The moment I saw you in my dreams
I had to find you, my silent rose
I knew the song that you would sing
The curse of the sweet oblivion
I needed the sleep it brings
I thought it was bliss, it is

I'm the woe of the living marble
I'm the painting's contents and its frame
I'm black like the rose's blood
And her breath

I feel the rain, I know time's passing, I'm unchanged
Life flows by, the rosebush grows, the bindweed climbs
The seasons change,
But the princess is still lying dead-asleep
Her heart wouldn't know now how to beat

A black rose in her hands
The princess is still asleep
Since so long that her heart
Wouldn't know how to beat

That craving, silently put out
Will never be rekindled
No world now, just the dreams

Dancing among dreams, spinning among tears
I think I am no longer here
Dancing among dreams, spinning among tears
I think I am no longer here...