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Confira a Letra Hollow Vows

Cloth Tape

Hollow Vows

The promise that you know
Your innermost thoughts

You use your mouth to say
What you do know is not true
Always lying!
Sacred secret!

How much longer,
Can you hold up,
Your hollow vows, Your hollows vows.

Expectations on whihc you
Rely so heavily,
Ultimately will be you downfall.

Will only ever bring you
A complete sense of failure.

Rueful thoughts are what you have to deal with.
As hopelessly you cling to your vows.
Imprisoned by your own weak mind.

I have no sympathy for you!
I have no sympathy for you!
How are you going to pull through?
When I have no sympathy for you!

Expectation is the killer that will be.
Expectation us the killer that will be.
I have no sympathy for you.
I have no sympathy for you!