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Confira a Letra Out Of Myself

Cloth Tape

Out Of Myself

Alone so helpless
I have no one
Surrounded by people without voice
I have only one choice left
I must pull through !

The choice of inner strength
I refuse to waste this painless breath

Taken to see the most and the least
Hatred is an immortal beast.

I found myself stuggling to overcome
Pain that isn't mine
I don't want your pain.
Leave me to myself
Tear myself down.
I must overcome this weakness.

Your false hope won't help me
I must take the full velocity
Of pain into myself
& rejuvenate it as, a pillar of strength
coming out of myself
Out of myself I feel strong.
Leave me alone, leave me alone
I don't know whether I'm safe on my own.
I feel strong YES I feel strong YES
I feel strong YES I feel strong!